Sequence Health

Sequence Health products have been on the market since 1999. The company was originally known as Sequel Naturals Ltd. and was the entrepreneurial dream and vision of the company's Founder & President, Charles Chang.

Charles, with the help of Dr. Richard Cockrum, designed the same 4 skus you see on the website today and began to sell them to independent health food retailers and had slow, moderate success. Retailers overwhelmingly communicated that Charles needed to find a distribution partner to get his products in health food stores across Canada. After meeting and interviewing several such companies, Charles met Matt LeBeau who was one of the original shareholders in Puresource Inc., one of Canada`s Premier Natural Health Products Distributors. They became partners & the partnership evolved quickly. Together they had many successes and improved the lives of Canadians while making Sequel Colostrum the #1 product in its category.

Charles went on to design several additional products including ChlorEssence, MacaSure and the popular Vega series of meal replacements. As Sequel Naturals (now corporately know as VEGA) diversified and grew, Charles found that the Colostrum portion of the business was being overlooked and really stood apart from the plant based nutrition system he had designed with the other products. He approached Matt, who had since sold Puresource and was starting a new venture, to discuss a possible interest in revitalizing the Colostrum Category. Sequence Health Ltd. was born in September 2012 upon the completion of the purchase of the Sequel Colostrum products.

We have kept great care in keeping the source of these products intact and the integrity you have come to expect from our colostrum. Nothing has changed and we believe Colostrum is one of nature’s perfect foods. We look forward to you enjoying our products and receiving feedback!